Top Typography Trends Every Designer Should Know

Web design has been evolving rapidly over the past decade, thanks to the rise of mobile devices. Typography is not getting left behind with custom typefaces being introduced and exciting trends for 2016 and beyond coming up. If you want to try your hand at designing custom typefaces, you can use a tool like Glyphs App, which should simplify the process considerably. However, if your looking for a simpler way to attract attention to your message, there’s other techniques available as well. Extremely large font sizes will catch the eye and get your message across. You can use images to get the point across: a hero image with a small font works just as well as a big font, and looks sophisticated. You can also superimpose typography on an image. Font-wise, serif typefaces are making a comeback although they are best used sparingly, artistic typeface is on trend as well.

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Top Typography Trends Every Designer Should Know

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