These Apps Solve All of Your Ugly Email Problems

The average amount of emails that you send and receive a day can be well over 50, with a good portion being spam. It can be difficult and time consuming to sort out all those emails. Fortunately there are many apps and plugins that can help assist with sorting out spam mail, from the more important emails.

Key Takeaways:

  • Out of those emails, surprisingly only 19% of those emails are spam, which means that each legitimate email message wanting to be opened and read, has a lot of competition.
  • Industry stats show us that not every subscriber scrolls down past the header. In fact, 51% of them will delete the message within two seconds of opening it.
  • A typical single-column HTML email layout consists of a header containing your logo and navigation, some stories or images with news or product features, and a footer with navigational links and unsubscribe instructions.

“Whether you’re sending email newsletters or simple notifications, you want your email to stand out.”

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