Plugin Review: Payments With Gravity Forms

Gravity Form is a great deal more than only a contact tool. It can transact payments, do studies, include content, register subscribers, the rundown goes on, GF is one unsurpassed and most loved plugins anyone can utilize on every one of the websites or forums that are setup with the intent to collect money. Gravity form offers several payment options including some which are very convenient ones; like PayPal and stripe. The advantage of using this app is that you can take payment from users before they are able to access or use any service from your website. The process is quick and seamless. GF is ideal for small scale e-commerce start-ups that do not suck much bandwidth as Woocommerce. So, if you are running a charity, supporting or campaigning for causes online, then the GF plugin is a must-have.

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Plugin Review: Payments With Gravity Forms

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