How To Organize Your WordPress Media Library

One of WordPress most useful features is the media library. You can simply drag and drop your images, video, and audio files into the media library, and let WordPress take care of the rest. Within seconds, your media files are uploaded and ready to be added to posts and pages. You can also optimize your media files for SEO from the media library interface, and WordPress comes with a built-in image editor, allowing you to resize, crop, and rotate images with ease.

Key Takeaways:

  • As you started writing posts and pages, you probably began noticing just how quickly clutter can start piling up.
  • The Media Library works fine in the moment, but if you ever have to go back and find an old file, you’re going to be in a world of pain.
  • If you already have a configuration in mind, though, it’s fine to choose No thanks. This option is always available in the plugin settings in case you ever change your mind.

“Heck, this post I’m writing right now has 14+ images by itself. Multiply that by tens or hundreds of posts and that’s a lot of files in your Media Library!”

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