How to Make WooCommerce Thumbnails Clickable

I think that this is a somewhat informative article in regards to the task at hand, however there needs to be more detail inserted into it such as how to get to change the different rules of the page. Also, when it comes to clicking the picture, I think its important to be able to zoom as well so that feature could also be added into the web rule.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s used by tens-of-thousands of shops around the world. It’s quite an amazing plugin but lacks one simple interface function — clickable product images in the store view!
  • For scenarios like in today’s tutorial where we’ll be editing functionality of our website, but want steer clear of losing that functionality when we update.
  • There could be some edge-cases where things will break, but we’re not too worried about that for today’s example.

“Functions.php is the file that you want to add in any of your custom function code to modify a WordPress site. Basically, WordPress knows to keep this file “safe” from a theme or plugin update.”

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