How to Create Incremental Backups for Free with WP Time Capsule

Schedule your backups once and WP will automatically backup your websites daily. You can choose between Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3 to store your website’s files and DB. WP backs up your site automatically before each update. Go back in time and switch to previous versions of plugins, themes or WP without losing your data.

Key Takeaways:

  • WordPress backup plugins are becoming a saturated market in the WordPress industry, but they’re all different in their own little ways.
  • Variety is good, but new plugins really need to stick out if they want to make it in this saturated market. That’s exactly what WP Time Capsule intends to do.
  • WP Time Capsule is a free WordPress backup plugin developed by the same team that runs InfiniteWP, a powerful WordPress management solution.

“WP Time Capsule uses what’s known as an incremental backup. It creates a large backup of your entire site and database when you first install the plugin. It only updates the changes you make thereafter.”

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