How to Create a Responsive Video Slider in WordPress

Websites with video sliders can engage the site’s visitors. Below are the steps to create a WordPress Video Slider: First, install and activate Soliloquy Slider plugin. After the plugin is installed, visit the plugin and click on the Add New button and select one of the Native Sliders. This step will activate the Insert Media lightbox. Add the URL of the video by choosing the Insert Video Slide link. Before completing the process, it would be better to configure video settings by clicking on the Config tab to ensure that the video displays properly. After the video settings are configured, you can add the slider to the post or page by editing them. This can be done by clicking on the Add Slider button and selecting the video slider. The video slider can be displayed by clicking on publish/update buttons so that all the changes can be saved.

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How to Create a Responsive Video Slider in WordPress

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