Gravity Forms v2.0.3 Released

An updated version of Gravity Forms v2.0.3  is currently available on WordPress. It is an awesome platform for automatic updates & download. With the download modifier you can directly upload the file instead of opening it in browser. It fixes the issue with entry export, gform_entries_first_column hook, conditional logic, saving background updates, resolves issues with sales graph, fixed the process from 1.9 to 2.0 and many more features that help accessing Form editing.

The latest version release addresses bugs, maintenance and two new features: the return of the form switcher feature previously removed and a better way to edit the form title. Other features and repairs that can be found in Gravity Forms v2.0.3 are a form title edit popup, a create form popup, HTML shortcode support, notification validation, sales graph improvements, file download repair and a process repair between older versions. By visiting WordPress and the Updates page under Forms navigation, you can access the latest version of Gravity Forms or find the update by simply visiting the Downloads page. The updates should improve the quality of the app and make the user experience easier.


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Gravity Forms v2.0.3 Released

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