Fix White Text & Missing Buttons in the WordPress Editor

Missing white button and some other buttons on WordPress dashboard is strange and irritating sometimes, which makes it almost impossible to work on writing posts or commenting because you cannot access the text editor. The exact cause of this issue is unclear but there are some tips and tricks to solve the rare issue invented by computer experts or called as geeks nowadays.

Some tricks to fix these issues are given below:

1. First, clear the browser cache from the browser settings. Cache uses a temporary folder where files are stored temporarily before being rendered by the browser.

2. Retracing step is the next solution, retracing steps should remove all the new installed plugins one by one.

3. Replace TinyMCE Script with a Fresh Copy is another solution which is the text editor of WordPress.

4. Adding Code to Your wp-config.php file is the fourth solution but you need to backup files making changes.

5. Removing the .htaccess File from WP-includes Folder is the final solution.

There is no solution to prevent issue to occur in future but the above solutions could manage the issue efficiently.

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Fix White Text & Missing Buttons in the WordPress Editor

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