8 Hints & Tips To Spice Up Your Nav Menu

Did you know these 8 simple steps can get attention to your Navigation Menu:

1. Responsive Menus: Show your content the same way in all devices.

2. Icons in your Menu: People love attractive icons and picture is worth a 1000 words.

3. Jazz it with Custom CSS: WordPress allows to add custom CSS, add style to menu items.

4. Split Testing: Nelioabtesting offers WordPress A/B split testing. You can decide which one converts best.

5. Images in Menus: Adding image to navigation allows users to understand well what you sell.

6. Conditional Menus: Offer menu items based on visitor conditions.

7. Export Menus: Plugin allows moving large menus between sites.

8. Circular Navigation: Attract visitors to click on links. A perfect Plugin for WordPress and more.

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8 Hints & Tips To Spice Up Your Nav Menu

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