User generated content in WordPress membership sites

Everyone asks for it. Most assume it’s easy and totally possible. And yet, it’s not something that comes with a lot of membership plugins in the WordPress space. If you teach guitar, if you manage a fitness membership site, or you give stock tips, you might have created a perfect membership site to share your knowledge. But then, for some or all of your members, you want more. You want a direct relationship with each, with an ability to give them specific content, or let them share with you something that isn’t for public consumption.

Key Takeaways:

  • This is in reference to creating posts without logging into WordPress.
  • Also the news that WPForms supported user-generated content from their plugin spawned the question.
  • Highlights of the top membership plugins, reminding readers that I look at a lot of membership plugins every year.

“The main reason for supporting user generated content from within a membership site is to support the kinds of membership sites that are specialized. Not every membership site qualifies.”

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