Two Factor Authentication In Orion

The Two Factor Authenticator is being introduce in Orion for security. The verification process is to keep the hackers off, and provide security and safety to personal Google accounts. If your password is stolen, the hacker can steal or delete all your mails or even send unwanted mails on your behalf. To keep your Orion account highly secure, the new Two Factor Authentication has been introduced. It is a mobile app and adds the authenticator to your account. You can find the authenticator in the top right hand corner on settings, and then under security. It is easy to set up as you can either copy the code directly into your phone or scan the bar code. In case you misplace your phone, there is a provision to change your code by just clicking on a link, and it keeps your dashboard secure. The customer support will assist you in setting up a fresh two authentication code.

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Two Factor Authentication In Orion

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