The Ultimate Orion Pricing Guide

ManageWP has introduced the new updated Orion, Which is the upgraded version of Classic!!! that too in an affordable price to maintain our web portfolio. ManageWP Orion is free for unlimited websites. Using Orion during July will not be charged even though the billing starts on 12th July. It becomes easier because some of the add-ons are free of cost. The add-on bundle will enable us to access 100 websites making our work and sorting easy and quick. The backup facility is also good as the add-on bundle is affordable with more benefits. Great reviews have been received from some of the clients who have already been using this new ManageWP Orion. You will only pay when you enable the premium add-ons on a site therefore paying for extra features can be easily avoided. The newly introduced bundles are for clients with lots of websites.

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The Ultimate Orion Pricing Guide

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