The Future Of WordPress In 2017

2017 is just around the corner, as WordPress prepares for new updates and challenges. As our industry is growing, we’re left with an abundance of assemblers as clients are finding better solutions on either end of the spectrum. On one hand, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify and other website builder solutions will all have matured a fair amount. The user experience, product features and pricing will all come together to provide more enjoyable platforms for users with vanilla requirements.

Key Takeaways:

  • WordPress has come a long way since its 2003 inception as a nascent blogging platform, forked from b2/cafelog.
  • Now a full-fledged CMS, WordPress enjoys a significant market share, powering 26.9% of the world’s websites all told, and almost 60% of the websites built using a known CMS.
  • As the web has evolved, so has WordPress along with it. For example, the WP REST API enables apps powered by JavaScript to run on the platform.

“I know that people like to refer to “the WordPress community,” but if you were to ask me to define what that really is, I think I’d have a hard time.”

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