Stop Ruining the WP Admin Area

The use of too many plugins and poorly chosen themes is making many WordPress sites difficult or annoying to use. The user experience on the Admin page is ruined by too many notices and aggressive advertisements. Multiple examples of sites with poor execution of plugins and themes are showed. Guidelines for avoiding these issues are provided for developers, as well as tips for users, with the goal of maintaining the simplicity and ease of use for which WordPress is known.

Key Takeaways:

  • Just kidding. When it comes to polluting the WP Admin Area with hideous design and strident advertising, there are no winners.
  • For those of us that run “pristine” WP installs, it’s easy to imagine that all WordPress users enjoy the same clean, well-organized Admin experience.
  • You know, a world where the unencumbered luxury of the Admin Area is freely available for all users.

“So this DigWP post is encouragement for plugin and theme developers to please STOP ruining the WordPress experience with aggressive marketing tactics, endless nagging, and other obtrusive nonsense.”

Read full article here: Stop Ruining the WP Admin Area

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