Orion Bundle and Pricing FAQ’s

Orion has a variety of pricing options. With the new Orion launch there has been some confusion on the way the plans work. To clarify the confusion, Orion has launched a new business model called Freemium. Freemium allows you to add multiple websites for free, receive free tools, add on premiums, and bundle. Bundles basically cover the cost of 100 activations for $25 a month. The bundles reduce monthly bills for people managing more than 25 websites. There is a legacy bundle that is a flat fee for a bundle of 100 websites, and 5 different options for bundles for each add-on. The legacy bundle is a way of transferring your classic plan to Orion while maintaining the discount for the add-on of your choice for up to 100 websites.

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Orion Bundle and Pricing FAQ’s

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