Managing Clients Just Got Easier With ManageWP Orion

ManageWP Orion has made it easier to manage your clients with client screen. Client screen is like a client notebook which gives an overview of clients and their websites and any specific scope or notes. In addition, Manage WP Orion has some more advantages. For recognition and identification each client will have a photo and Orion will automatically search their gravatar if you have not added it manually. In Orion you can also add photo by copying the URL. Alongside, each client you have all information and notes section where you can add notes. All this also depends on your creativeness. With the help of simple buttons you will be able to view client’s information and generate reports. All the websites are automatically connected and incorporated into one client report. By clicking “view website” button, you can easily create a client report. Manage WP Orion is the easiest way to group and co-ordinate with clients and their information.

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Managing Clients Just Got Easier With ManageWP Orion

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