How WordPress Pros Target and Tempt Perfect Clients

Building your WordPress client list requires more than industry-leading development skills. Blending the right hourly-rate to your WordPress skills and finding the client who appreciates both, is a matter of following steps:

  1. Find a client who respects your skills and is willing to pay for your time.
  2. Your WordPress skills are in-demand; a good client will offer competitive compensation without undercutting your pay-rate.
  3. Sign clients willing to pay your preferred rate.
  4. Communicate by showing how Client ideas translate to the technical world you develop.
  5. Find a Client match personality-wise and with their corporate culture.
  6. Always put a signed agreement in place.

Look in the right places for clients, learn back-and-forth salary negotiation, show off your perfect portfolio, keep your skill-set up-to-the-minute, and research your client to make a perfect pitch. With these tips maintain your client-list as you wish!

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How WordPress Pros Target and Tempt Perfect Clients

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