How to Add a Slider with Thumbnails in WordPress

Generating responsive thumbnail images as navigation for your slider helps to determine where to position the thumbnails (above or below) in relation to your slider, adjust the width of your thumbnails, set the minimum/maximum number of thumbnails that should be displayed. It requires installing and activating the Soliloquy Slider plugin. In order to install the Thumbnail Slider add-on, make sure your license is verified before you proceed. Go to Soliloquy » Settings to verify your license key. Next step includes installing and activating the Thumbnail Slider add-on. If you do not see it listed, select Refresh Add-ons. After that go to Soliloquy » Add New to add a Thumbnail Slider type. After this, scroll down to the slider settings area. Then select the Thumbnails tab at left. After that, add your slider to either a post or page if you have not yet done so.

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How to Add a Slider with Thumbnails in WordPress

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