Automated Security Check Up Next

Fully automated Premium Security Check has been released by ManageWP. One is able to make the most of the tool as it is for free. The automation has become a premium part of this feature, and the price matches other premium add-ons.

To set it up, select the website you wish to enable the premium add-on. When you select the Security Check add-on you will it is changed around a little bit. In the top right corner you will come across an Upgrade button, which will lead you to setting up scheduling. After clicking on the Upgrade button, you will get a popup telling you the exact features you will get with the Automated Security Check. You can activate the premium add-on at this stage.

Don’t forget you can also include Automated Security Check in your notifications on global settings, alongside the Backup and Up-time Monitor add-ons.

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Automated Security Check Up Next

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